It is not exclusively the gift of child-bearing that we celebrate, but the nurturing of women we embrace. Not all women bear children but all women have qualities that when nourished are nurturing.
There are many women who contribute to the need of love and affirmation in the healthy development and care of lives. Not all of us are born with healthy nurturing mothers, or learn nurturing skills, but we all have needs to be loved and developed.

Today motherhood, the nurturing nature cherished in past generations, is often defamed because of a hardened push towards empowerment. Dishonor of gentleness must be resisted. It is a not so subtle exchange in the current environment for toughness and positional empowerment.

Perhaps  the celebration of Mother’s Day represent a reminder for balance and a return to some innate, softer emotional needs within us. 

I am grateful to receive many imparted gifts by wise and talented women in my life. There are many nurturing women – apart from my own mother who enriched my life.  But my mom nurtured and gave my sisters and I wise Godly counsel and imparted faith, self-worth and mentored confidence. It wasn’t a motivation to rule others, but a drive to be fully alive and to be successful in our choices. My life reflects her devotion to my childhood training. She will always be my most prized mentor, my own mother of honor.

Only days ago, I sadly loss a friend of more then forty years, she is one who describes best both a mentoring friend and nurturing mom. The many cups of tea consumed sitting in her English sitting room, are reminiscent of the genuine warmth of a nurturing woman. We had many refreshing times together with deeply emotional and spiritual connections. Our conversations shared the varied life experiences throughout the years. Together we knew the embrace of the heartache of loss and the joy of contented life.  We found renewing wells of faith in God, often by praying for one another.  I learned life is lived in contrast. It is far easier to share it with those that care.

Our friendship spanned over 40 years from my early marriage development through the shocking death of her only daughter, the recent death of my husband until the aging process peacefully, laid her to final rest. I will forever be grateful for her compassion and unconditional love to me and my family. She was truly a valuable women of honor.

Love abundance is not to be contained; she spilled out unconditional love to young women in pregnancy crisis and her teaching instruction to young children. She gave a natural impartation of acceptance, an affirmation to everyone in her presence – acquaintance and friends alike – young and old – and everyone left stronger and wiser. What a tribute trophy she is to all that is pleasing in womanhood. Someone who embraces, imparts and then sends forth to meet the challenge.

What qualities do we value in women the most? So many wander from those we have valued in the past. The qualities of mentoring, educating, affirming and developing young families is in need of reviving. The struggle to just breathe is the heavy load on modern women and they all need active life support.

It is a restless cry we see manifesting in reckless abandonment from true principles of a healthy society. Brokenness is crying for repair. It languishes desperate in abandonment. Woman can bring the needed care and inspire men to greatness.  That is why we must learn to nourish the wilting spirit.

Flowers are a timeless favorite during Mother’s Day. We all love to give and receive them. We may know a teacher, a nurse, or a great mother we want to honor. Celebrate not only the role but the qualities of the nurturing women.

It is good to remind ourselves growing love gets our hands dirty. It is less important the title of the gardener. What matters is the the basic knowledge and outcome of tending plants and pruning growth. Healthy roots produce beautiful fruit. They are life’s reward. Be grateful for others who have pruned and watered your own thirsty garden. Now turn and water those who need a little TLC around you. It will nourish your own soul as well.

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Reflection:Mentoring Women: Nurturing Moms

  1. This is a powerful reminder of the wonderful gift of mothering and a “Call up” to women of all ages to reaffirm this precious gift. I presume the friend you mention is Betty…you honour her well in your tribute. Thank you.


    1. Thank you Chris for your comments. Yes, we will truly miss our mutual friend, Betty. She inspired many. Grateful for you, too – I appreciate your exceptional spiritual insight and authentic life of faith. Thank you for committed years of generous pastoral care in the Christian Community. We were so young in learning to establish healthy marriages and young families. Thankfully, you and Dave, modeled authentic relationships patterned after biblical principles. We were privileged to have your care and input. I can fully testify that Christian principles when embraced stand the test of time.


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