It seemed to catch me by surprise this year until I saw an abundance of lovely greeting cards and beautiful flowers galore. Gifts for Mother’s delight remind loved ones to plan for Mother’s Day Sunday.

This season brings both intense joy and pain.

How do we celebrate our dear Moms who bring meaning to our lives? Appreciate their hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. My thoughts engage as I reminisce my early years of motherhood and my childhood days growing up with my devoted mother.

The feelings of loneliness are felt by those who mourn the love or loss of a child, or the emptiness of not having a loving mother to enjoy and celebrate. Some feel disappointed as mothers in themselves. Blame comes quickly to those who have regrets.

And although it is a special season of the celebration of Motherhood many are troubled by the state of our families and communities. We must face some critical concerns.

Lethargy has no place in improving the health and welfare of our children. Strength and healthy development are ultimate accomplishments.

Sadly, in contrast, some reject, deny and accost motherhood altogether. It challenges the mother’s role to adapt to needed lifestyle changes.

Modern women have been given diverse opportunities, choices and experiences who former generations could not realize. The examples to remain single rather than marry, or the choice to develop a career in exchange for becoming a mother, or even simply to plan the size of a family by using birth control. All are acceptable choices in today’s society. What is not acceptable is the neglect of our children.

The negative impact statistics are troubling and as a result, our children have to grow up faster. They have been denied the carefree childhoods many older generations have enjoyed. This saddens many.

My point is being made that we must find greater support opportunities for the development of healthy children, as well as their parents. Grandparents are rallying to the cause of providing security and safety in families. Others in our churches, synagogues and communities are standing up with helpful hands as well.

If any good came out of the pandemic, renewed values toward family have been evident. Relationships gave begun to heal. Thank God for positive change. Be a nurturing friend and a loving parent. Invest in our future generations.

“Failure is not fatal or forever.” Jennifer LeClaire

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